Express Yourself

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’”
- Martin Luther King Jr.

Meet Our
Founding Team

We are a collective of entrepreneurs, technologists, creatives and scientists who are passionate about pushing beyond the bounds of conventional minds. Our founding team collectively built north of ten startups.

Suman Kanuganti

Founder, Entrepreneur
Aira, Intuit, Qualcomm,
MS Robotics (UMC), MBA (UCSD)

Sharon Zhang

Co-Founder, Technology
Glint (acq by LinkedIn), 4 AI startups,

Marc Ettlinger

Co-Founder, Science
Google Assistant, Ph.D. in Neuroscience & Computational Linguistics (UC Berkeley)

Kristie Kaiser

Co-Founder, UX
Aira, 2 product startups,
BA Design (SDSU)

Behind the name:

Martin Luther King Jr.’s power to create long-lasting and impactful memories through famous speeches like “I Have a Dream” was the inspiration behind the name of His power to create change, inspire people, and impact the world through words is unparalleled throughout history.

Today, more than ever before, humanity is dealing with its identity and self-expression. The ideas of embracing individuality in thoughts and character are being discussed and debated. This is the moment Dr. King spoke about many decades ago. Knowing how one comes to be, who one is, and where one is headed - your memory, your identity, your intelligence. This is why we are building Luther to ‘Express Yourself.’

Ever find yourself thinking,
what was I saying to my team yesterday?

Most people can't remember what they said 30 seconds ago. With Luther you can instantly recall your train of thought. Get started by creating your own private memory Stack and never forget again.